English Literature
Poetry - How to Read Poetry

Welcome to GCSE English Literature! This subject is aimed at those studying English Literature at GCSE level across the range of exam boards. By purchasing this subject you will have access to lessons covering Shakespeare texts, Nineteenth-Century Literature, Modern Drama and Prose, Poetry Clusters, Unseen Poetry and How to Prepare for Papers 1 and 2, as well as further lessons on Exam Skills and Techniques. The topics that are included as part of the English Literature coverage of Drama and Prose texts are content (lessons covering key events), characters (the functions of each and how each is established and developed), themes, writer’s techniques and language choices, context (social and historical) and exam preparation and practice. Included in the poetry lessons are writer’s techniques and their effects as well as making comparisons and responding to unseen poetry. The scope of the lessons in this subject is extensive to cover all aspects of the syllabus and all Assessment Objectives.

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