Fill in the gaps. 

Lady Capulet encourages Juliet to be interested in [[County]] Paris, by trying to 'read' him - 

she compares him to a [[book]] , 'Read o'er the volume of young Paris' face. By creating this [[metaphor]] , she suggests to her daughter that she has the skills to interpret people's [[looks]] and the imagination to understand them by [[studying]] them closely. Both of these are compliments , designed to [[flatter]] Juliet and get her 'on side.' 

Lady Capulet extends the metaphor by continuing the same [[image]] . reffering to Paris as an 'unbound lover' who can only be improved upon by 'marrying' Juliet. As his wife she would be the 'cover' to complete him. 

The first use of the metaphor aims to win Juliet over to the idea of taking notice of Paris and paying him [[attention]]. By extending the metaphor she extends her idea to that of then considering marriage. Lady Capulet uses the [[extended]] metaphor as a persuasive technique.