This scene opens up with Banquo's [[soliloquy]] where he expresses his [[doubts]] and [[suspicions]] about how Macbeth came to be King. He fears Macbeth "played [[foully]]" for his position. He also begins to wonder about his own [[predictions]]. Macbeth then arrives and questions when Banquo will be [[riding]] and if [[Fleance]] will be with him. Macbeth also continues to circulate the rumour that Duncan's sons are to [[blame]] for his murder. Once Banquo leaves, Macbeth meets with the [[murderers]] and continues to [[manipulate]] them so that they will kill [[Banquo]] and Fleance. Macbeth makes the murderers believe that Banquo is [[responsible]] for their bad [[fortune]] in life. The murderers agree to [[obey]] Macbeth's commands and resolve to murder for him.