This scene opens up with the [[banquet]] where Macbeth greets all the [[lords]] and guests. The murderer arrives and tells Macbeth that Banquo has been [[killed]] but Fleance escaped. This leaves Macbeth feeling [[anxious]] but he tries to reassure himself that Fleance isn't yet a [[threat]]. He goes back to [[entertaining]] his guests but ends up in a state of [[panic]] when he imagines Banquo's [[ghost]]. He is very [[disturbed]] by this and starts behaving [[strangely]] in front of the lords. His mental state continues to [[decline]] and Lady Macbeth has to take [[charge]]. Macbeth continues to [[hallucinate]] and Lady Macbeth shows her [[annoyance]] towards Macbeth and orders the lords to [[leave]]. Macbeth vows to go visit the [[witches]] again.