Match the words to their correct definitions.

1. Ranks = [[Orderly lines]]

2. Melancholy = [[Feeling sad and depressed]]

3. Massing = [[To bring together into a mass (a large grouping)]]

4. Incessantly = [[Continually; without stopping; endless]]

5. Gusts = [[A small burst of wind]]

6. Sentries = [[Guards]]

Match the words to their correct definitions.

1. Successive = [[One after the other]]

2. Flock = [[Group together]]

3. Salient = [[Something that is very noticeable]]

4. Drooping = [Hanging down, bending down or to losing strength]]

5. Shudders = [[Shivers]]

6. Wearied = [[Tired and exhausted]]

They turn back to their [[dying]], believing it to be the only way of ensuring security for those at home. They seem to be willing to be [[sacrificed]] for this cause, though their faith in God is diminishing. Thinking ahead, they imagine how the [[frost]] will fasten onto the mud, frezzing the men. Also, they think about how the [[burying party]] will have to bleakly dig graves, for men they might recognise, who have died from being exposed to the cold.

During a [[winter]] night-time in the [[trenches]], Owen and other [[soldiers]], feel anxious about a potential enemy attack and of succumbing to the icy grip of the cold [[weather]]. The war seems [[distant]] but they suffer and [[worry]] about the bitter wind and snow. The arrival of [[dawn]] does not bring hope, but instead enemy [[bullets]] are heard above the trench, though these seem less dangerous than the [[snow]] filed air. 

The men crouch in holes, as there is no other [[cover]] to shelter them from the cold. Rather than [[contemplate]] death, their thoughts are of spring, warmth and of fires at home, yet in their dreams the doors of home are [[closed]] against them.