He then explained he thought that she was [[flirtatious]] with some other men, though he did not directly accuse her of this as a Duke would not [[stoop]] in such a way. No, instead the Duke gave [[commands]] which led to the Duchess never [[smiling]] again.

Finally, once the conversation about his last Duchess had finished, they began to discuss the [[dowry]] that would be paid to the Duke in order for him to marry again and the Duke made it clear that he would have complete [[control]] over this wife. 

One day, anenvoy, working on behalf of [[The Count]], came to visit him in order to negotiate the terms the Duke's second [[marriage]].

Whilst the envoy was there, the DUke spoke about his previous [[wife]]. When talking about her, the DUke thought that she was too [[easily pleased]], as she smiled at other people and things in the same way that she smiled at him (a Duke with 900 years of family heritage)!

Once upon a time there was a wealthy and [[arrogant]] Duke, Duke Alfonso II of the Italina province of [[Ferrara]]. 

He Lived in a huge mansion that was decorated in the finest [[artwork]], that he just loved to talk about to visitors.

Match the correct words together.

1. Munifecence = [[Generosity]]

2. Just pretence = [[Fair request]]

3. Countenance = [[Face]]

4. Stoop = [[Bend]]