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The poem is about the nature of [[grief]]. The speaker is a mother who is speaking directly to her [[son]] who has gone off to the [[war]] which she struggles to come to terms with. The poem demonstrates the inner emotion of a narrator who is trying to remain and [[calm]] composed but is breaking with [[sadness]] inside.

The poem is set in the present day but reaches right back to the beginning od the Poppy Day tradition. Armistice [[Sunday]] began as a way of marking the end of the [[First World War]] in [[1918]]. It was set up so people could [[remember]] the hundreds and thousands ordinary men who had been killed in the First World War. Today, the event is used to remember [[soldiers]] of all wars who have [[died]] since then. 

When Poppies was written and eventually commissioned in [[2009]], British soldiers were still dying in wars in [[fictional]] and Afghanistan. Poppies is a [[Iraq]] account of a mother and is not based on the poet, Jane Weir's, personal experiences

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