Order these sentences in the chronilogical ordeer that they happen in in the book.

1. [[Porphyria arrives at the home on a wet, wintery night]]

2. [[Porphyria arrives and begins to do homely things - tidying, etc.]]

3. [[Porphyria sits next to her lover and exposes her shoulder]]

4. [[Porphyria tells her lover she loves him; he is quite surpirsed]]

5. [[The speaker, eager, quickly strangle Porphyria with her blond hair]]

6. [[The speaker is confident that she did not experience pain as she died]]

7. [[After strangling Porphyria, the speaker sits with her corpse for the rest of the night]]

What shows that the speaker is insane? 

Why is the poem highly structured in terms or rhyme and rhythm? 

Why does the poem contain pathetic fallacy? 

Match key quotes with correct techniques used. 


The speaker is in a [[cottage]] on a stormy night, waiting for his lover, Porphyria, to [[arrive]]. She instantly makes the cottage a warmer, cosier place. but the speaker remains [[distant]] from her. He seems upset by her having been away from him, but pleased she has finally arrived. The realisation that she truly loves him drives him to a drastic solution - to [[murder]] her, in order to keep her with him always. He [[strangles]] her with her own hair and they remain, sitting together, as the poem ends.