Match the quotes to the corresponding technique.

Remains is focused on a soldier haunted by a [[violent]] memory. The poem is told anecdotally and begins with 'On another occasion', implaying that this account is not the only unpleasant account the soldier has in his [[memory]]. He tells how he and 'somebody else and somebody else' opened fire on a [[looter]] who may or may not have been armed. They shot him dead and one of them put the man's [[guts]] 'back into his body' before he's carted away.

Later the soldier thinks about the shooting every time he walks dow the street. Then later again, when he returns home he is still [[haunted]] by the tought of what he has done. He tries drink and [[drugs]] to drown out the memory, but they do not [[work]]. The line 'he's here in my head when I close my eyes' indicates this.

"Remains" describes a fatal encounter between a group of [[British]] soldiers serving overseas, probably in the Middle East, and a looter. The narrator tells the story of how he and his friends [[fired]] on the looter as he ran away, without knowing whether or not he was [[armed]]. The looter drops to the ground, spilling his internal [[organs]] our of his body. Later, the narrator sees the man's "blood-shadow" on the street when out on patrol. He is [[haunted]] by the incident and unsuccessfully turns to drink and [[drugs]] to get over the trauma.