What three things happen after the Inspector leaves?

What is the main theme of the Inspector's final and rousing speech?

Who does he blame for Eva's death?

What does Eric confess to?

Why is it ironic that Mrs Birling blames the death of the girl and the unborn child on the father of the child?

Does Sheila think that her mother is lying or that the Inspector is lying?

What is Mrs Birling's attitude towards the Inspector?

How does Sheila feel?

What does Gerald admit to the Inspector?

What does Sheila warn Gerald not to do when she realises that he, too, knew Eva Smith/Daisy Renton?

Where was Eva Smith when she encountered Sheila and for what reasons did Sheila have her fired?

What is the reaction of the other guests to Mr Birling's account of how he treated Eva Smith?

Who interrupts the dinner party and what news does he/she bring?

What three things are the main subjects of Mr Birling's pompous speeches?

At the opening of the play, what are the Birlings celebrating?