Order these statments in order of importance and significance.

1. [[The poem explores the power of nature]]

2. [[The poem suggests that humans cannot be prepared for everything]]

3. [[The poem suggests that many of the things people are afraid of turn out to be nothing]]

4. [[Heaney suggests that our fears only have power over us if we allow them to]]

5. [[The poet uses a conversational tone to create a sense of calm amidst the storm]]

6. [[Heaney suggests that we can coquer our fears by facing up tp them]]

7. [[The poem uses the storm as a metaphor for war]]

Match the words to their descriptions.

1. Salvo = [[Bombards, harasses with artillery shells]]

2. Stooks = [[Bundles of straw]]

3. Strafes = [[ Simultaneous firing of artillery]]

4. Gale = [[ A very strong wind]]

Match the words to their correct descriptions.

1. Stacks = [[Haystacks]]

2. Squat = [[Someone or something that is short and thick]]

3. Pummel = [[To hit or punch repeatedly]]

4. WIzened = [[Dried up, shrivelled]]

5. Flung = [[Thrown carelessly]]

The poem describes the experience of being in a cliff-top [[cottage]] on an island off the coast of Ireland during a [[storm]]. Heaney describes the bare ground, the sea and the [[wind]]. The people in the cottage are extremely [[isolated]] and can do nothing against the powerful and violent [[weather]].